Friday, August 24, 2007

What's up YALS?

One of the first things I learned when I got into this field was that librarians network like crazy. The professional associations are very full of vitality and they do a lot to energize and reinvigorate their memberships. They provide an infrastructure for the network to grow upon.

Yesterday I went to a YALS meeting at the Wiggin Memorial Library in Stratham. YALS stands for Young Adult Library Services, and is a group of librarians who serve teens. We hadn't met since January because the meeting was flooded out this past spring in Farmington. As a result we had a lot of good ideas to share and discuss during the two hours we met. We talked about making YALS a section of NHLA, and the pros and cons of doing this. We chatted about the YALS display at the NHLA conference and how it wasn't in an optimum place and how the cancellation of the April meeting affected the display. We were all eager to tell our Teen Summer Reading Program stories, what worked and what didn't. When we ran out of items on the agenda we just related our general experiences over the past seven months.

I really like these meetings a lot, because these people can relate to me and what I am trying to accomplish here at the library. I always leave the meeting with new ideas and renewed energy. I think that YALS is going to evolve into something great for the teens of NH.

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