Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Those OLD Computer Books?

There is so much to know about computers and the Internet, I try to learn a little at a time to keep up, without getting overwhelmed by it all. I scan the new additions to our collections (and maybe at Barnes and Noble, too, to be honest) to see what hints I can pick up. The latest I read was on web page layout. We each have certain places we automatically check when we visit a site, and this title, Don't Make Me Think, made me think about that and how I can get more out of web surfing.

I use software manuals to sharpen up my skills and find shortcuts and new techniques in database management, document creation, and (my favorite) desktop publishing. At one time I had a computer that kept loosing its mouse connection, so I mastered many keyboard shortcuts by necessity, using charts from a Dummies book. Another time I look at the computer section is when my home PC is acting up and I want troubleshooting tricks to cure it.

So with all those new and exciting books and programs out there, why does the library have OLD computer books on its shelves? That would be for people like me who have an older computer and software applications and need info on those versions. Since those manuals are no longer in print, the library can be a big help with some of the vintage items, even in the field of computers!

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