Monday, June 25, 2007


King Arthur and Camelot have been the center of many tales and much research. Who can resist a story filled with nobility, honor and a search for perfecton? Historians believe that Arthur was a very early British king, and that his tale interwined fantasy with fact to bring in many legends and heroes of the times. Like a tapestry from medieval times, we see a picture with various interpretations and themes. Each teller of this tale has added to the mystery and built the intrigue.
Our June book display featured history of Arthur's times and novels based on his life. One of my all time favorite books, The Once and Future King by T.H. White spins the tale from the sword in the stone to the Lady of the Lake with imagination and unique twists. Merlin ages backwards in White's interpretation.
Other authors with series on the Arthurian legend are Mark Twain, Bernard Cornwell, Mary Stewart, Jane Yolen, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Kevin Crossley-Holland. Check one out and prepare to be transported to another realm.

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