Friday, April 27, 2007

Trace Your Family Tree

If you are working to track your ancestry, we have help for you. The library subscribes to three databases, Ancestry, New England Ancestors and HeritageQuest. HeritageQuest is available on any Internet computer with access using your Merrimack library card number through our website: The other two must be used in the library. Contact us to sign up for a one-hour session on how to use these resources.
On the Reference Page of our website we direct you to Internet links for Local History and Genealogy, including the mega-site for searchers, Cyndi's List: Many internet sites provide free access, while others require that you sign up and pay to get complete information.
A field trip is another way to trace your roots. Visit a genealogy library like the New Hampshire State Library in Concord, a library or historical society in the locality of your family, or maybe one of the Family Resource Centers provided by the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Nashua, Concord, or Salt Lake City: If you come to a difficult place in your search make a visit to Senior Searchers. This group meets the second Tuesday each month at 10 am at the Senior Center at 70 Temple Street in Nashua. Each session includes a speaker and a general discussion to troubleshoot issues in searching.
My favorite part of tracing my family tree is finding pictures dating back through the generations. The attic is the best place for such items, but sometimes a Google image search can bring results.
Warning--this can become habit forming--but it's so fun when you make that next connection!

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