Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hey Teens! Get a Job!

If you are a teenager (or if you know one) and you are looking to start a summer job, this is the time (in my opinion) for you to start lining up summer job prospects. It probably wouldn't hurt to start even before now (April 25), because pretty soon all of the college students that have been away for the past eight months will be boomeranging back to Mom and Dad, and taking the part-time jobs you could be doing yourself.

Here are some resources for you to begin your search:

How to Get a Job if You're a Teenager--Call# TRS 331.348

Peterson's Summer Opportunities for Kids and Teenagers--Call# 378 PET


America's Job Bank internships and entry level jobs)

NH websites
NH Employment Security Job Match System

Don't forget the newspapers either. The classifieds have many jobs listed in the daily and Sunday papers. You can also check these out online at your newspaper's website.

Union Leader
Nashua Telegraph

Finally, you can still get job applications in person. Not everything has to be done online. You might be surprised if you just pop into a business that is hiring and fill out an application.

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