Friday, February 16, 2007

Taking a Trip? Make the Library Your First Stop!

The latest portion of the library's collection to be weeded and updated is the travel section, which can be found in the 910-919 range of the non-fiction area. Outdated and unused books have been removed, and new titles have been purchased to provide information on travel to familiar and not-so-familiar locales where your wanderlust might take you. There is emphasis on New England adventures for families and outdoor lovers, as well as especially popular destinations such as Florida, New York, and Las Vegas. All regions of the United States are included, as well as eastern Canada and countries and cities around the world. These books are helpful, not only to travelers, but also to students with world culture assignments.

Another handy tool for international travelers and students is the library's online resource World Cultures Today. Enter your Merrimack Library card number when prompted. World Cultures will introduce you to the history, geography, customs, food, etc. of the area you will be visiting or studying.

And a reminder to all of our friends traveling abroad: passport requirements have changed. If you are traveling by air, you now need a passport to re-enter the USA from a foreign country. Beginning January 1, 2008, the same requirement will also apply to travelers returning by land or sea. More information for Americans traveling abroad is available at the US State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs. While the Merrimack post office does not accept passport applications, you can apply at the post office in Manchester or Nashua. Another useful site for people traveling outside of the US is Current Travel Warnings. Have a great trip and come home safely

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